Bedside Commode

Improved bedroom mobility and independence.

The convenience of a bedside commode offers peace of mind while resting. HY5’s commode function provides excellent comfort and access.

About the HY5’s Bedside Commode function

HY5 Walker has been designed to provide bedside assistance with as much ease for users as possible. With fully adjustable arms and a closure infill when not in use, you can get all the benefits of a discrete commode within the same mobility equipment used for other daily tasks.

Why choose HY5 for a bedside commode

HY5 is designed to be your daily mobility companion. You may use it as a bedside commode in the night, then as a walker to get to the bathroom to empty the commode bucket, use the toilet and finally shower. Before HY5, this routine might take 4 separate pieces of equipment, which can clutter your home. Now, simply use one lightweight, compact assistant to move between the bedroom and elsewhere.

We’ve designed HY5 to be taken into public without issue. When you’re not using the commode, simply use the included fabric seat cover which hides the commode bucket from view.

Transferring from bed to a commode should be simple. Your HY5 Walker’s handles fold back allowing users to move out of bed onto their commode much easier than other standard commode chairs.

How HY5 helps bedside mobility needs

  • A comfortable, full featured bedside toilet solution
  • Take your familiar, comfortable commode on holiday or in public.
  • Transferring, use and emptying made easy with 5-in-1 design.


The HY5 Walker’s bedside commode at a glance:



Built to take up to 120kg of weight, HY5 is ready to support bedside transfer and use.



Soft, waterproof seat cushion and ergonomic backrest make for pleasant usage.


Commode pail has an extended handle making emptying and replacing user friendly.


Two locking hand brakes and sturdy frame keep your HY5 in place during movement.



Your bedside commode is also your walker, so it’s with you whenever you need it.


Your bedside commode is also your walker, so it’s with you whenever you need it.

The lives of many people with mobility impairments are made easier thanks to HY5 Walker.

Purchase the HY5 Walker

You’ve read about HY5’s use as a bedside commode, but it’s so much more than that. Our team have built a mobility product that helps mobility restricted people carry out their daily tasks.

The affordable yet high quality HY5 Walker is a walker, toilet chair, shower seat, commode and travel chair. Changing between each function is designed to be seamless and adjust around your personal usage needs.

Also available is the optional carry bag to take your HY5 Walker with you on holiday. For even more mobility in walker mode, an extra 2x wheels upgrade offer a 4 wheel configuration.

Give HY5 Walker a go today.

Explore the other functions of HY5 Walker

HY5 Walker is much more than just a bathroom assistant – learn about it’s other functions below:

HY5 Walker Australia bedside commode with seat open

What to look for in a bedside commode

Are you looking online at bedside commodes? Here’s some advice to help your search:


Make sure you choose a commode that makes cleaning and emptying quick and easy. HY5’s user friendly commode bucket comes with a handle and full lid and the whole unit is clean with just warm water and mild detergent.


We believe a bedside commode’s #1 priority is to help users get onto it as fast as possible. HY5 was built to support users move from bed to chair without any obstruction thanks to its foldable handles.


A bedside commode must cater for frequent stress on the frame, seat and components, supporting changing weight distribution during transfers on and off the equipment. HY5 is built to last with its hardened aluminium frame that comes with a 2 year warranty.

Take it anywhere

So many bedside commodes are based around a standard chair concept – they are not made to be taken with you in public, holiday or even really moved around your home. HY5 Walker lets you do all these things, thanks to its ingenious 5-in-1 design and discrete fabric cover.

HY5 Walker

giving you back your freedom!