About Us

About Us

HY5 Walker is produced by Showerbuddy New Zealand.


Showerbuddy, an innovative and award winning company, designed and produces the HY5 walker.


HY5 walker is great for seniors and people with reduced mobility allowing them to live a more independent life, free of restrictions.


HY5 walker is a unique “all-in-one” multi-use product giving independence around the home and when travelling. HY5 is a walker / rollator and easily converts to travel chair, with its own lightweight carry bag (accessory) or shower chair and a toilet chair plus bedside commode. Five unique uses all in the one clever device for home or travel.


Showerbuddy is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand with international partners worldwide assisting with HY5 distribution and customer care.


Showerbuddy has been designing and manufacturing award winning high quality shower chairs and mobility solutions since 2004. But, don’t take our word for it check out what our users have been saying here: www.showerbuddy.co.nz/testimonials/


If you want to regain your confidence, freedom and comfort, enabling you to live life as you want then HY5 walker by Showerbuddy could be right for you.

“HY5 gives back your confidence, freedom and comfort, enabling you to live life again as you want.”


CEO & Founder

Live A More Independent Life, Free Of Restrictions.